As a Fresher! -My NEET Stories

 Before starting with my NEET day experiences, let me share my experiences of the last 10 days before NEET.

After CET, I decided to give full-length tests of NEET to get the confidence and experience to write the exam. I bought a book that had test papers along with OMR from the Amazon shopping app to get an offline experience. My mock scores were so low that they never crossed 400. I was pretty depressed, so I started with the previous year's papers But even in those papers, my highest score was 498. After every mock test, I used to cry in the bathroom and my mother used to fill confidence. But I wasn't sure I would crack NEET. So I prepared my mind for engineering.

Then came the D-day-12 SEPTEMBER 2021!


 That day I didn't study anything as I didn't want to feel nervous before the exam. At 12.30 pm, I reached the NEET center. The invigilator gave us the paper at around 2.10 pm and asked us to fill the OMR. At 2.30pm, I started the paper. I started with biology which I found easy and got some confidence that I can do better in this (REALITY: With a lot of overconfidence that the paper was easy, I messed up the biology part by making silly mistakes!🙃). Then I went with the Chemistry part. Chemistry was always my favorite and this time it was in my favor. Lastly Physics, this subject always frightened me the most! Even though my first year (in South India, 11th is called first-year PUC) concepts were a bit strong but second-year(12th) concepts were very weak due to online classes. I randomly solved a few questions. In urgency to read and solve all questions, I started solving them faster. Suddenly the invigilator announced that only 10 mins were left to finish the exam, so I stopped solving and started counting the number of questions that I attended. To my surprise, I felt that I solved questions making a total of 500 marks out of 720(without counting the negatives). I was disappointed because if the total number of questions answered makes 500, then I may have made some mistakes in the questions answered which will lead to negatives! After coming out of the exam hall, I was not in a good mood. I met my best friend out. She asked me how the exam was. But I had no answer so I blindly answered her-" It's okay! However, I have engineering as my plan B". She was not impressed by the answer. 

After reaching home, a few of my friends sent me the unofficial answer key. I and my mother started to calculate the marks and my score came out to be "513". I was shocked- How is it possible! Then suddenly my mind flashed that I forgot to count the last column of the OMR in the exam hall🤦‍♀️. My father, mother, and relatives were very happy because 500+ was enough to get into a semi-government college in my state. Even though it cost around 3 lakhs, my family agreed.

Due to some issues in the exam conducted, the release of the answer key was delayed. The day when OMR was released, I was shocked to know that due to my urgency to complete the paper I missed out on marking 4 questions carrying 4 marks each, which means my score was 497 now! 

I cried the whole day after that because it seemed impossible for me to get a semi-government college too! 

The results were announced and my rank was 87594. According to the 2020 NEET cutoff of my state, there was a possibility of getting one medical college in my state. But there could be an increase in the cutoff this year because competition increases every year. CET counseling had already started and I had applied for engineering counseling also. CET counseling results were announced and I was allotted with one of the top colleges in our state which was my mother's all-time favorite college as it was located in our district and I could stay at our home for 4 years until I complete engineering. 


* Comment down below what would you do if you were in my position now!*





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