What Next!?- My NEET Stories

 After one week of NEET results, each one of our family was so confused about WHAT TO DO NEXT!

What next

My neighbors and relatives suggested going through a private quota but it was unaffordable and my family didn't wanted it too!

My dad who had no plan of me dropping a year for NEET suddenly told me- Dropping a year can help to improve my score. 

So it was decided that I'm going to take a drop for NEET preparation. I joined one of the famous institutes in our district and started preparing again. At the beginning of my preparation, I was quite worried- 

Will I be able to make it out? Can I get into my dream college? Won't be old enough to enter medical college? Won't I feel bored reading the same thing again?

Whenever I saw my friends, who entered medical colleges or engineering colleges, having fun, I felt FOMO*! I would think to myselfDid I do the right thing? Should I have joined engineering? Will I miss all this stuff in my life?

But once I started scoring well in well in mock tests, I got the confidence that I can do well in NEET 2022. I felt maybe I deserved better, so god gave me another chance!

The results of NEET 2021 counseling were announced and I was not allotted with any colleges. I did feel bad but consoled myself- I deserve better!

The teachers in my institution supported me a lot. They always kept an eye on my performances and appreciated me whenever I did well in my mocks. I made good friends and always enjoyed their company. 

The date of NEET 2022 was announced on 6 April 2022 and it was to be conducted on 17th July 2022.

Three months passed quickly! Again the same question was raised in my mind- Will I get my dream college?

I started asking stupid questions on Quora. I was so doubtful about myself and my LUCK!!

*You can follow me on Quora ( Hehehe! 🙃😅):https://www.quora.com/profile/Disha-Shetty-185?ch=2&oid=1168894476&srid=u8NgOq&target_type=user

Admit card for the exam was released and luckily or unfortunately I don't know that!! I got my previous school as my exam center. I had very mixed feelings- I was sad. I didn't want to back to school as a failure/ a dropper because I was once a topper in my school 🥺and now...

But still, I was happy somewhere as I could go back to my school after a long time. The memories that I had of my school made me nostalgic! I had been in that school for 12 years of my life.

Days went faster. It was the day of the exam! My hands started trembling and my heart was beating faster and faster. I went to my exam center. I saw some of my juniors in my exam center but I was not in the mood of talking to them because somewhere I felt I was a loser. 

Wait! Wait! Don't think I'm trying to demotivate here! My mind completely changed after writing the exam.

My exam situation didn't feel the same as my previous mock tests. During mock tests, I used to have extra time of 20-30 mins but here I felt a lack of time. The paper level was unexpected. Biology which used to be everyone's favorite became a burden. It was so lengthy that it took me around 1.5 hrs to complete the biology part. Chemistry used to be my favorite as mentioned in my previous blog but here it was so confusing! Physics was quite easy this time but time wasn't in my favor so I had to leave some questions which I knew to solve. I ended up scoring a decent score ( after checking the unofficial answer key)

* My actual score will be disclosed after the results. Stay updated!*

My mindset changed after the examination. I felt that either a candidate is a fresher or a repeater, what happens on the day of examination; none can decide. NEET just tests your ability on that particular day and not your preparation days. So I just wanna say prepare yourself for the best.


*FOMO means fear of missing out*




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