AVOID THESE! Common mistakes commited by NEET aspirants

 Common mistakes committed by NEET Aspirants:

  • Using multiple books other than NCERT
Always remember that NCERT is the key to cracking NEET.  NCERT is considered a bible! For every subject, follow the same syllabus as NCERT. Don't run behind extra topics. For Inorganic chemistry and biology, just refer to NCERT, there is no need for any reference book for these topics. For organic chemistry and physics, you may use a reference book/ guide to understand concepts but don't depend on it completely.
  •  Ignoring NCERT exemplars and intext questions
Most of the questions of NEET are framed from NCERT exemplars and intext questions itself. So never forget to solve these questions. 
  • Wasting more time on lectures
Most NEET aspirants spend a lot of time watching lectures. They think that more time on lectures more marks but that is not true. If you are a fresher, then watch the lectures once, make notes, and revise them. Don't waste time watching lectures again and again. If you are a dropper, then don't watch lectures again if you watched them on your first attempt and made notes from them. "The more you practice, the more you score"- So invest more time in practicing questions. 
  • Ignoring PYQs
Don't ignore PYQs, they are equally important as NCERT. You use the previous year's papers as mock tests. Some of the questions from PYQs repeat every year.
  • Skipping mock tests
Mock test tests your preparation and helps you to track your preparation, so don't skip them. Mock tests will help you to identify your weak areas and common mistakes that you may repeat in your future tests. If you score less, then don't get demotivated. Prepare well next time. Take it as a challenge! 

I hope these tips will help you in your preparation. 

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