How should a dropper prepare for NEET?

How should a dropper prepare for NEET?

Being a NEET dropper, I have learned some tricks and tips to prepare for NEET from my preparation journey. So I'll tell you- How should a dropper prepare for NEET?
Along with studies, you need to be mentally strong enough to drop a year and prepare for your dream course. Always be positive. Never underestimate yourself because being a dropper is not an easy job! 

Now let's come to the main topic!
How should a dropper prepare for NEET?

NEET Preparation Strategy for Droppers

  • Don't waste your time watching lectures if you have already watched lectures during your first attempt. Watch them only if you are not able to understand the topic well. If you haven't watched lectures during your first attempt, then you can watch but don't watch multiple videos for the same topic. Follow one teacher only. 
  • Make your own notes and write down them in a way you understand. Also, underline the KEYWORDS. Don't depend on others' notes. You may use it for reference.
  • Use any reference book. Don't buy or use multiple books. If you are a coaching-going student or have enrolled in a distance learning program, then use that book itself for practice. Don't depend completely on the reference book. 
  • Don't forget to solve PYQS. Those are a very important part of NEET preparation.
  • NCERT is a must for each and every one. Especially for biology, read line by line, and also for inorganic chemistry. Solve in-text questions/examples. 
  • To test your preparation, purchase a test series maybe it be offline or online. Give mock tests regularly. After each mock test, analyze your mistakes and note down your mistakes in a separate notebook. 
    Mock tests

  • Revise the topics regularly and give cumulative tests to keep track of your performances.
  • Never compromise with your sleep schedule. 6 hours of sleep is most important to keep your mind fresh throughout the day. 

  • To increase your concentration, you can even do meditation and yoga every day

Most common question: Not able to be productive every day. What to do then?

As a student, I know that we cannot read all day long. So you need to set your timetable in such a way that you will be productive all day. For example, if you are not feeling to read, then take a small break and do something mood refreshing and again start studying. Don't study the same topic all day long, it makes your day boring. 
Make certain targets every day and at any cost, you need to try to complete those targets maybe you had to go out for some reason but still you need to manage to complete those targets. Don't keep difficult targets. Keep them simple like completing 4-5 topics with the practice of questions.

*Blogs regarding books which I used during my neet preparation will be uploaded later*

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1. How many hours should a dropper prepare for the NEET study?
It depends from person to person. Minimum 7-8 hours, if more then good. Remember the number of hours you spent a day won't decide your marks, but the way you study will decide your marks. 
Make a proper schedule and study accordingly.

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