How to improve marks in NEET mock tests?

How to improve marks in mock tests?

 Is giving mock tests important?

Yes, giving mock tests is important because it gives you an idea about how the real exam paper is going to be. It helps to manage time and also keep track of your preparation. Mock tests help you to identify your weak areas. 

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Things you should know before purchasing a mock test series:

  • Purchase a test series from any reputed institute which is totally based on the NCERT syllabus (may it be offline or online). 
  • Before buying it, look for a sample copy of the test series. Go through each and every question and check if all of them are NCERT syllabus based. 
  • Go through their timetable and see if you can manage it with your schedule or not.
  • The test series that you will purchase should have unit tests, cumulative tests, part tests, and full-length tests.
What is the ideal time to purchase these mock tests?

It's better if you start giving mock tests soon after you complete one topic in each of the three subjects.

Points to remember while giving mock tests:

  • Don't skip any mock tests.
  • Don't be scared or demotivated by low scores because "Failure is a stepping stone to success
    Being a NEET aspirant, even I have got less scores in my mock tests. In my first attempt at NEET preparation, I used to get 300-400 in my mock tests but I managed to get around 500. In my second attempt at NEET preparation, I used to score around 500-600, rarely 600+, but expecting 600+ in NEET 2022.
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How to improve scores in NEET mock tests?
After each mock test, analyze your performance. Check out your weak area and work on that area. Note down your mistakes and read them before cumulative tests, part tests, and full-length tests. Also, read them during last month's revision before NEET. This helps you a lot in improving your scores.

Practicing through mock tests or Solving last year's papers?

According to me, both are equally important. Give both papers on alternate days. Previous years' papers give you proper about what actual NEET and mock tests give you proper practice for your best performance.

Which mock test papers did I use?

As I was a coaching-going student, I gave coaching mock tests. After completing the syllabus, I purchased the PhysicsWallah AIM NEET test series. It was of good level and almost NCERT based.

I used to solve the Aakash Intensive Mock test papers. I got those papers through the telegram app. You cannot purchase this test series because this test series is only for the Intensive Classroom Programme enrolled students. These papers were purely NCERT based but physics used to be of a higher level with deeper concepts.

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1. What are some common mistakes in doing mock tests?

Sometimes we become impatient while writing mock tests, and we make errors while reading questions and end up ticking the wrong answers. So read questions properly.

Another mistake we commonly do is sometimes the paper setter twists an easy question that seems like a difficult one and skip it. So read such questions properly and then think of every possible way to solve them.

2. What is the use of mocks?

Mock tests give a proper idea of how the actual exam is going to be. It will help us manage time in exams.

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