How to score 340+ in NEET Biology at the first attempt?

 How to score 340+ in NEET biology?

Initially, I too didn't know about the sole importance of NCERT in Biology, so I used to refer to different books and read extra points. But after a few months, I stopped doing it and even though a few questions in mock tests were out of NCERT, I decided to stick only with the textbook. Luckily, this year too, there wasn't a single question outside of NCERT and I could score 345 in NEET 2022 even though it consumed a bit more time than expected.

NEET Biology

In the last 2 months, I had decided that I would revise the whole biology in the last week, that is why I spent more time revising physics and chemistry and would read biology only in the early mornings so that I could remember strongly. As I was a bit more interested and confident in biology from the beginning, I could instead focus on the other subjects. I could also revise biology finally and would even revise it an hour before the exam. So my suggestion would be to show much interest in bio but not to spend more time on it, try to finish it off as early as possible, and keep most of your time for physics and chemistry from the beginning. For bio, NCERT should be your only book, and at least read each chapter 10 times before your NEET exams and try to make points of boring and lengthy chapters, and for the other two, you'll have to refer to your modules apart from NCERT

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Article Written by: Chinmay H G

(Scored 345/360 in NEET 2022 in his first attempt) 


1. Can I score 340+ in NEET biology by studying only NCERT?

Yes, it is possible. Every year questions are framed from NCERT itself. Maybe sometimes the level of the questions may be high but are framed from NCERT itself.

2. What is the fastest way to revise Biology for NEET?

As you read NCERT, write down important points in separate notes that you can use as short notes for revision.

3. Will NEET questions repeat?

Yes, nearly 3-4 questions repeat. So solving PYQs is really important. 

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