Must Read book-The Girl in the Red Lipstick by Ajay K Pandey

Book review

Book review by Disha R Shetty

 Book Name: The Girl in the Red Lipstick

Book review

Author: Ajay K Pandey

Publisher: Srishti Pub

Amazon rating: 4.4/5

Price: Rs 99/-

Kindle Price: Rs 49/-

About The Author:

Ajay Pandey is the bestselling author who is an Engineer turned writer. He did his engineering in electronics from IERT, Allahabad, and MBA from IIMM, Pune. Apart from writing, he is involved in charitable trusts to support aged people and educate special children.

He has written more than 5 books, some of them are "You Are The Best Wife", "Her Last Wish", etc.

Main Characters:

  • Ajay, author himself
  • Lalita, a human trafficking survivor
  • Kajal, the author's wife
  • Vishal, police inspector
  • Other small characters like Rani, Mukesh aka Salim, etc.

This book is a small attempt to offer respect to the struggling red-light area girls. It shows what circumstances make some people choose that path.

The author Ajay, the main hero of the story, on his tour to Kolkata, encounters a lady named Lalita unexpectedly. This single encounter with her makes him take decisions that he had never thought of. His decisions risk his life.

Now you indeed get some questions in your mind.

Will society ever accept a prostitute?

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Does the book cover give us a spoiler? 

No. This book is a clear example of " Never Judge Book by its cover". The book cover has a girl in a blue t-shirt and red lipstick. You cannot predict the story by seeing the book's front cover.

When I bought this book, I thought it belonged to the romance genre but after reading my mind completely changed.

Are story scenes predictable?

No, the story scenes are quite unpredictable. Every chapter of the book comes up with a new turn and a new inner story. 

What does the author try to tell his audience?

This story tries to change the mindset of the people about prostitutes. This story also showcases different thoughts on the word "Sympathy".

According to the author, "Sympathy makes us realize that we are humans and love makes us a better human". 

"Sympathy is a form of love" to Lalita, whereas her roommate Mallika tells her -" Sympathy is temporary. It will become a burden after some time. Love is something that lasts long".

Here the author shows us how people share their thoughts on sympathy based on their life stories.

My Thoughts:

To be honest, the reason for purchasing this book was its price. This doesn't mean that book is not worth reading. It is surely worth it. 

After reading the book, my thoughts about each and every person has changed. I have understood that each and every person in this world has a backstory for what they do in their life. We should respect them and their professions.

I will surely agree with the author's words- Satisfying life is better than a successful life.

Here are a few lines from this story which liked the most-

  • Always call a prostitute a lady, you have no idea what she has been through
  • Live a life of self-respect. When you respect yourself, others will respect you.
The below lines show how difficult her life was-

"She opened her bag and pulled out a few bangles, cosmetics, and lipsticks. To my surprise, she threw them all on the road and whispered, I'M DONE!"


This book is especially for those who wish to change the world. People who want to know the reality of life can also give it a try.

My final thoughts:

I would rate this book a 4/5

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